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    Intertops gets new name

    I am sure this was not done lightly and had to be a big decision on the part of Intertops, who have been around for over 25 yrs. I suspect this change was made to protect the brand, affiliates, and players. Yes, this will be a pain for us affiliates to update links, banners, etc but I for one...
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    Brofist Partners Audit Report

    That is bad! I agree the name is just silly
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    Jackpot Partners Audit Report

    @peter@jackpot-partners is this Skype account now closed and a new employee taking over the Peter account?
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    AGD posting and DM rules?

    I belive you need to be a member with more than 3 post to have that aspect of your account turned on.
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    VegasRevenue Audit Report

    They are listed as predatory so I will not market them until they fix the terms
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    Payment on Hold for 3,5 Months with no Updates / No NCO?

    I have no idea who is even running this place anymore. The backend is something to be desired, stats are wonky and they do not convert. They owe us as well.
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    Genesys Affiliates stole money from affiliates! With proof, pictures, and much more(UPDATE NOTE: PAID)

    Good that you were paid- I have edited the title of the thread to reflect that info.
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    Ladies Make one-third of US Sports Bettors

    Being a woman I am going to have to disagree with this as well. I find more ladies enjoy slots, video poker etc. Just go to a local sports betting site in a casino and you will see mostly men.
  9. bonustreak fraudulent activities

    Update: Crypto Casinos have reached out to AGD about this issue, they are working to resolve it. I will post again once this is complete.
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    Genesys Affiliates stole money from affiliates! With proof, pictures, and much more(UPDATE NOTE: PAID)

    I have removed what you have asked, if there is more please pm me with what you would like edited.
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    Looking for cryptocurrency affiliates

    Stay away from CryptoCasinos they are scamming others
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    GSpin.Partners - the affiliate program of

    This brand will be listed shortly in our predatory section-
  13. bonustreak fraudulent activities

    Thanks for coming forward @JPSanchez and @liena0518, apparently there is a new marketing manager handling things for the company. I have just reached out and pointed out this thread. Hopefully, Greg will come to attend to these other complaints. Seems like a bit of a revolving door going on...
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    GSpin.Partners - the affiliate program of

    Please refrain from posting about your program, we have your terms under review at the moment. Once we have completed this I will be emailing you on suggested changes to become affiliate friendly.