Programs that doesnt pay since a looong time...


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Nov 7, 2019
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Hello everyone...

i want to share my thoughts and maybe anyone can help..

So as few of you maybe know, CashiMashi affiliates does not pay outstanding commissions since a year.. no reply, nothing..

queenvegas aff also does not pay since years.. no one replys via skype or email...

affunlimited as affnetwork, also does not reply or pay outstanding commissions...

i made much more experience with casino aff programs itself also with networks.. i´m so tired of running into bad companys and dont get paid..
since it started with the german regulations so much happened and you dont get what you earned.. deals getting worse and so on..

maybe there is anyone out there, that made same experience.. (sorry for you).. or anyone who can help me, getting paid by at least those 3 companys..