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    N1 Partners Introduction

    Not like that, u have 100% commission, so first u deduct 25% of this, and after u get 40% as an affiliate. A lot of affiliates don't understand, that admin fee commission is analog system when another casinos deduct payments fee and providers fee to this amount! It's just easier to count
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    VideoSlots refuse to pay comission $ 67682

    Ty, but for me is not big amount or life change money, i just share the exp with Videoslots working, will see if they gonna pay or not
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    VideoSlots refuse to pay comission $ 67682

    Forgot to say, i had 40% lifetime deal, was made like 5-6 years ago, since that time was no problem, until big amount paid to come.
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    VideoSlots refuse to pay comission $ 67682

    Just received today: After asking what is the problem, aff manager said that they will not pay me, cuz i don't have enough NDP last months, but it's happened only for big cashout summ, all previous payments were ok
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    Life time deal 40%-60%? Support your partners? - not heard (c)Posh Friends

    Fuck man!! I have the same problem, they start to blackmail me and hold earning, i post a new thread with all details there:
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    Never work with this affiliate

    4 month ago all russian affiliate were scamed, everyone who had lifetime or special deals was suprised, when they close all this deals to all russian affiliate, e.g. big streamers etd. Furthermore, this affiliate program blackmailed me personal 4 years ago and closed my affiliate account with...
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    Can Bitcoin Break Out Above $20,000?

    Even for double your money now - BTC should make 120k, so it's kinda of stupid to buy it now, dont it? Buy on low, sell on high.
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    Slotman casino (Heroicaffiliates) Scammers

    facepalm I think real scammer is you, lol CPA with 2 players and u known even deposits... and your post looks like you tried the frod + topic name Also they offered 45 rev shate instead of CPA...
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    Scam reported
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    PlayAttack Concerns Of Fake Casino Streams

    PlayAttack is the most fraud and scam casino company. 10 years ago, even i was not affiliate - was scammed with my 5k eur winning in their casino SlotVoyager (new name Slot-V) lol Also their team do a fake streams, but they said it's like random ppl who do so funny
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    TeleVega Casino Closing

    Now this casino moved to, but it's not officially? What is the tricky move? Televega was closed, and after they are opening on the new brand, cutting all affilaites?
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    Can Bitcoin Break Out Above $20,000?

    No, if u cashout Bitcoin you should't pay nothing
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    Can Bitcoin Break Out Above $20,000?

    I leave in Portugal, here we pay 0% taxes from Bitcoin!