Platinum Certified Programs is an organization which prides itself in using factual metrics as a barometer for the quality of Gaming Affiliate Programs. We have recently introduced the term 'Platinum Certified Program' to the AGD website and forums. In an effort of complete transparency, we have given a complete description of how a program can become Platinum Certified at AGD. This certification level is not something we take lightly and we will hold programs to all standards as listed below.

Platinum Certified Programs - Transparency Documentation

Our Platinum Certified Program will not be given out lightly. We give our assurances that each program-holder of this seal MUST adhere to all metrics below at all times to continue to be listed at AGD as a Platinum Certified Partner and make use of our seal.

All Programs must follow the guidelines outlined below to become Platinum Certified by

    Platinum Certified Program Pre-Requisites

  • The Affiliate Program MUST have affiliate-friendly Terms and Conditions
    • Our Certification team (of which there are currently 4 members) evaluates the Terms and Conditions to ensure that they are Affiliate-Friendly and contain no predatory terms. A predatory term is one that allows the affiliate program to adversely affect affiliate earnings through predatory practices.
    • Our Certification team delivers suggestions to the affiliate program on how to make their terms even more Affiliate-Friendly and evaluates the website to ensure information does not conflict between the website and the T&C's.
  • The Affiliate Program MUST pay it's affiliates on time.
  • The Affiliate Program MUST communicate with affiliates in a reasonable amount of time. {Additionally, they must respond to a post in their forum at AGD within a reasonable amount of time.}
  • The Affiliate Program and it's Casino properties must not be involved in spam activities. If spam is occuring as a result of a marketing initiative by a third party, it must be taken care of immediately upon request.
  • The Affiliate Program MUST not represent any casino which is considered 'Rogue' at CasinoMeister™

    Platinum Certified Program Continuation Code

  • The Affiliate Program shall continue to abide by the above codes to remain in compliancy with's Platinum Certification.

    Platinum Certified Partner Roadmap

  • If ALL metrics above have been properly met, the Affiliate Program will have the ability to become a Platinum Certified Program. Once the criteria have been met, a program will PAY FOR PLACEMENT. This IS a paid sponsor at AGD and we do not wish to hide that fact.
  • While we know that we are only allowing the best programs into the sponsorship program, we know that hiding this information would invalidate the Certification.
  • This transparency document was created to ensure that all affiliates understand our procedures and ethics involved in this certification model.

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Platinum Certified Details

Affiliate Guard Dog takes our certifications seriously. Our platinum certified program requires a program have Affiliate-Friendly Terms and Conditions. Once this happens, we begin vetting the program to ensure all other metrics outlined in this document are properly met.

Platinum Certified Programs