is it better to go inhouse or through an intermediate program ?

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    machino Affiliate Guard Dog Member


    is it better to go inhouse or through an intermediate program ?

    Christoff Affiliate Guard Dog Member

    It depends - I work as a consultant to operators (there is a team of us) and we are paid on time.

    It's easier for the operator to hire us than start from the beginning and train someone up etc.

    Due to experience, we can get things done quicker and with less hassle whilst delivering a good service.

    Most affiliates are concerned about fees etc to 3rd parties - whilst they can exist, we work on time as its sustainable for all involved. You need to remember that employees also earn bonuses on what they bring in technically (some do anyway).

    If you want to work with a particular operator, you should explore all the options and see what works best for you.

    Vladi Affiliate Guard Dog Member

    If you are considering going with an intermediary that offers CPAs forget about it. Almost all of them will shave you.

    If you must work with a 3rd party, demand direct access to the accounts that they use with the affiliate program. If they won't give it to you (and most won't), move on.

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    Christoff Affiliate Guard Dog Member

    I don't agree - I am a 3rd party technically but an affiliate will always have access to their affiliate account, to all the internal people/teams/resources.

    All I am brought into to do is manage affiliates etc - like an AM but not working 100% for the company.

    More operators than you think hire consultants for a lot of things nowadays.

    casinobonusguy Affiliate Guard Dog Member

    We do not work with any third party with one exception ,I work with Louis at income access with a sports book as i feel Louis serves me better than the program in question.

    slotsaff Affiliate Guard Dog Member

    Exactly, Income Access is a 3rd party network if you think about it :) Nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

    I think working direct is preferable but sometimes it's not (like in the case with some Income Access programmes)

    alexluckyvegas77 Affiliate Program Representative

    There are ways you can still get shaved via 3rd parties even with access. It is a matter of working with people you know, trust and have a good reputation in the market. Bad apples have a way of showing quite quick in the process :)

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    If I have a choice I always try and go through the in-house team, dont like the idea of a 3rd party taking some of my earning, even if they dont

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