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GPWA again caught red handed lying to you. After they removed my "War on Admin Fee" avatar to protect their crooked sponsors, I found out, that I am already banned forever, ...
Corfleone Family pulled Aussie Dave's 'private membership with a trumped up Kangaroo court to punish him. GPWA indeed is acting like a Crime Famiy, is the enemy of the people.
RED ALERT! GPWA main sponsor Gaming 1 installed quotas, scam fees, lifetime commission hoax. Details here on AGD in the "Gaming 1 Affiliates" section.
At GPWA Jim Partners is a beloved sponsor, will be pushed also by Video Propaganda Guy. Here at AGD the 40 % admin fee scammer is in the Predatory section. Read there for more Scammy Jimmy Terms.
Confirmed: Massive Censorship by the Corfleone Family now also on truth posts of unbreakable Aussie Dave. Also PM harrasments. With that GPWA now reached the final stage of being the worst place ever in the online casino industry.
Members from the Corfleone Family can't wait for giant Christmas presents from their Boss, a small green towel in an unpretentious design.
While you don't know, how to survive the next weeks, GPWA sponsors buying expensive Christmas gifts from the phantom XXL admin rip-off fee.
Thanks for the offer, we are all good:) Regarding auditing programs, we are working through a list of all the programs that the LCB network works with. However, at the moment we are not able to audit programs where Serbia is restricted. If you do have a recommendation of who to audit next you can let me know, but generally we will work our way though the list with the aim to do 1 audit per week.
Hi Zuga, You can contact Nour El Assaad ( Nour is one of my contacts at NetEnt Live and is a commercial partner. She may not be able to help you directly but should be able to get you to the right person. Just mention my name in your introduction (Neil Walker - Live Casino Comparer) or I'd be happy to introduce you if you drop me your email address.
Player since 1998, made my first webbpage 1999, Part-time affiliate since 2002 n Fulltime since 2005
Hi, may be I could help in writing. writing articles for crypto since Nov 2019
GPWA does not make it easy to detect sponsors, fled from the forum (alphbetic order trick). Enter the following in the Google search box:
Hi WhyNot!

Can you tell me more about the affiliate accounts you want to sell?
Is it one or several?
Which programs?
Are the 13-15k monthly earnings?
What multiple are you looking for roughly?

Thank you!