Wager profit rebrands to shake the bad reputation . now partner earnings

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Rogue Affiliate Program

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    This guys new brand should go to rogue no? we seen this before its same brands just a new program to put them on....

    Thanks to all of you who signed up at PartnerEarnings.com recently! But, if you are one of the few affiliates who did not – now’s your time to do so online at PartnerEarnings.com!

    Our brands are TigerGaming.com – where it is all about the loyalty of belonging to a great poker community with plenty of fish 24/7 – and PayNoRake.com – where you can get up to 100% rake back of a daily basis paid into your players’ accounts – and there is also a fantastic cash back offer beginning in February and running throughout March as well – all the more reason for you to start promoting these awesome brands right now!

    Each of our associated brands is a leader in their field, offering competitive sign-up bonuses and exciting promotions, while maximising conversion rates and ensuring continued player loyalty.


London Affiliate Conference (LAC)

    The much anticipated London Affiliate Conference is just around the corner and PartnerEarnings.com will be there. It takes place on February 6th to 9th at Earl's Court in London and most importantly affiliates attend for free - which means free for you. Simon Eaton and Russ Esteban will be floating around the conference and up for meeting you. For details on the affiliate conference, please visit the official IGB Affiliate website.

    To get together with your affiliate manager at LAC, please contact Russ Esteban at russ@partnerearnings.com or Simon Eaton at simon@partnerearnings.com directly to book a meeting in advance.

    If you require a VISA to enter the United Kingdom, please contact Emma Beal at emma.beal@sportbusiness.com. She is one of the event managers for the conference and will help in providing you with an official invitation to be included in your VISA application.

    Of course – if you want to contact me with any questions you may have with regards to PartnerEarnings.com, or just want to say hello – please drop me an email to my new email address: lynn@opcommshq.com – and I will be happy to catch up with you!


    Lynn Pearce de Freitas
    Marketing Manager
    ChicoPoker Network
    Email: lynn@opcommshq.com
    Skype: lynn_pearce

    Enough said....

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    I receive this mail this afternoon too

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    Jan 27, 2014

    I would like to address this post as Russ my colleague and I have taken on the role managing Tiger Gaming and Pay No Rake affiliate program through our affiliate network PartnerEarnings.com. We see a lot of potential in these two brands and worked closely with the new owners in clearing the negative press and will continue to do so.

    Wager Profits has not been rebranded into Partner Earnings as we do not have access to the old players nor data from WP. However we have assisted several Wager Profits affiliates in collecting their past commissions as well as reached out to old Wager Profits affiliates letting them know that we are managing TG and PNR through Partner Earnings, hence the reason for the above email. Some of the affiliates we assisted in getting paid are members of this forum as well as others and can vouch for us.

    I am available 24/7 by email, phone and Skype and if anyone has any concerns or questions and want to personally meet me then they can do so at LAC which I am attending along with my colleague.

    My Partner Earnings email is simon at partnerearnings.com

    - Simon

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