RESOLVED - Bro Affiliates (LimoPlay, Betchan, Play.Casino) - cheaters!

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    Jul 13, 2017
    Hello guys,

    I'd like to warn you all about brands connected with Bro Affiliates: LimoPlay, Betchan, Play Casino (owned by Direx NV). I'm their player and affiliates (the same account). I have never had issue with playing, payments, deposits, etc. till now.

    Yesterday I decided to make a deposit and play as usual. I was lucky this day and won 11,038.73 EUR (as seen in the screen:

    After that I have contacted them via Live Chat to process my withdrawals, and... they said:

    Support Agent 04:34:33 pm

    We are sorry for the delay, but because of technical problems we aren't able to process your withdrawal at the moment, please wait. Try one more time in an hour

    XXX 04:35:14 pm

    Ok, I will back in one hour

    Support Agent 04:34:33 pm

    We are sorry for the delay, but because of technical problems we aren't able to process your withdrawal at the moment, please wait. Try one more time in an hour

    XXX 04:35:14 pm

    Ok, I will back in one hour

    After one hour:

    XXX 05:15:27 pm

    Hello again
    I have requested my withdrawal and waiting for processing
    11,038.73 EUR via Neteller 05:16:48 pm
    Could you please process the payment 05:18:49 pm
    Are you there? 05:20:23 pm

    Support Agent 2 05:20:47 pm

    Your win was confiscated due to the breach of our rules 05:21:01 pm
    «Affiliate accounts may not partake in gaming activity, the casino can confiscate funds for any affiliate accounts with gaming activity at its sole discretion».

    XXX 05:21:09 pm

    It has not been mentioned in the T&C, furthermore I played with my deposit
    Secondly, one week ago I played and won some money and you paid it out without problems (knowing that I'm your affiliate) 05:22:10 pm
    I have all screens
    T&C, transactions, balances, deposits, etc.

    Support Agent 2 05:22:50 pm


    XXX 05:24:33 pm

    Then you should not accept any deposit from me
    Accpeting my deposit you accept my participation the game
    OK, If you are not going to pay, I will blacklist all the casinos from your company (BroAffiliates / DIREX) 05:25:13 pm
    and make a big topic in the Gambling Scene

    I cannot accept such bad behaviour
    First time I have encountered such attempt 05:26:29 pm
    Not sure if that would be profitable for you since I'm quite big affiliate in the industry
    I cannot work with people who treat me lite this... One week ago my winnings was accepted and paid, today not.. 05:27:51 pm
    So, let me know once again if you want to solve this issue now, or I will have to take other actions 05:28:42 pm
    engaging other people and portals like AskGamblers, and my contacts in Malta amogts affiliates 05:29:33 pm

    Support Agent 2 05:29:46 pm

    Sorry, but we have certain rules that prohibit affiliates from playing at our casino.

    XXX 05:30:19 pm

    So, why you accept deposits from me? Why you accepted my winings week go and paid?
    Whats the difference between me and player?

    Support Agent 2 05:31:33 pm

    The deposits are automatic and we cannot follow every deposit from our players and affiliates. This is the responsibility of the person to follow the rules of the casino.

    XXX 05:32:06 pm

    No, but you paid me week ago and all was fine when I was chatting with you
    I told I'm affiliate
    The only reason you don't want to pay is substantial amount
    I will not agrree on it, gonna make it public
    and blacl,kist all casinos from the owner / same will be with my friends 05:33:28 pm

    Support Agent 2 05:33:51 pm

    You can use your account as an affiliate and then you can't play. Or you can be a player and then we will not have any issues.

    XXX 05:34:52 pm

    Thats not fair... since all affiliates who play with their deposits / commission should be refunded
    Refund all commission and deposits to your all affiliates who lost (including me) 05:35:05 pm
    because we couldn't play and win as per T&C ?????????
    losing money is ok and accpetable, but not winning ??????????
    If you don't want to respect our winnings, then don't respect our deposits and commission we lost in your casinos (REFUND IT) !!!!

    Support Agent 2 05:36:54 pm

    We will look into this issue once again. I will transfer your request to higher management. And tomorrow you will be contacted via e-mail.

    XXX 05:37:51 pm

    Please take it very seriously, since I have no time to fight on this topic long

    Support Agent 2 05:38:20 pm

    We sure take our reputation and players seriously. I hope we will come to a mutual understanding!

    XXX 05:38:30 pm

    I'm honest and reliable and want to be treated the same way
    I'm saving this chat to further action

    Support Agent 2 05:39:47 pm

    Sure, this is your right. You will be contacted tomorrow by the e-mail. Hopefully the situation will be fixed!

    XXX 05:40:09 pm

    Thank you for understanding.
    Talk to you soon.

    Support Agent 2 05:40:35 pm

    And thank you! Have a good one as well!

    XXX 05:40:45 pm

    Same to you, bye.

    Support Agent 2 05:40:53 pm

    Thanks! Good-bye!

    NEXT DAY, no e-mail, no call, nothing (as expected). OK, then contacted them once again via Live Chat:

    XXX 04:22:03 pm

    I'm contacting you once again regarding my withdrawal request
    I expected to get any response from you via email 04:23:14 pm
    I'm going to escalate this issue

    Support Agent 2 04:24:24 pm

    Minute, will check
    As you already told, your funds was confiscated due you broke our rules. 04:27:38 pm

    XXX 04:28:04 pm

    I told you yesterday, you have accepted my deposit and I was played
    Second thing, I did deposit week ago won and you paid my winnings (I contacted you as an affiliate (!)

    In this case, you have to refund all deposits and commission to all your affiliates who played and lost money
    Right? 04:29:01 pm
    Because there were not allowed to play and win?
    I have many friends (already your affiliates ) here in Malta
    I want to raise this topic

    Support Agent 2 04:31:03 pm

    Affiliates aren't supposed to play. Deposit's not checked for affiliate you or not. That is your responsibility only not to breach our rules.
    That's the last decision of our administration

    XXX 04:32:06 pm

    OK, then I will blacklist your all casinos (all brands) and make it accross all portals GPWA, AskGamblers, CasinoMeister, AffGuardDog, etc.
    + info will be sent to Curacao, SoftSwiss, etc.
    I will not leave this as it is
    Its your decision 04:33:33 pm
    Destroy brands is very easy, but you will not recover fast 04:34:11 pm
    Just warning, don't take it wrong
    I'm asking once again , do you want to solve it in a good way or not 04:35:44 pm
    Will not ask again

    Support Agent 2 04:36:29 pm

    We already solved that question. Just don't breach T&C

    XXX 04:36:38 pm



    As you can see guys, they are really insolent and don't want to respect your legitimate winnings. When you loose your deposit/commission everything is ok, till you win substantial amount. It's not the first case, I have seen loads of complaints about these casinos on AskGambers. It's better to stay away from these clowns.

    As promiesed, I'm going to make it worse by blackisting their brands and perform NEGATIVE marketing campaigns and warn affilaites on gambling conferences.

    We don't want such weeds in our graden!

    Updated Sept 13, 2017

    FSG submitted the comment below via the "Report Post" function:

    Hi, the issue has already been solved. They have paid all the money. Besides, BroAffiliates has new owners and management. New people, let them work with a clear track record. Thanks.
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    Jul 13, 2017
    I'd like to add screenshot from my account as a proof: http:// erfk7n.jpg

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    Jul 13, 2017
    Dear All,

    We the issue has been solved.

    To admins: Bro Affiliates (BetChan Casin) have new owners, so please kindly delete or mark this topic as resolved. We don't want to keep it open since all work fine now. Everything back to normal, they pay on time and every time.


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    Dec 16, 2011
    Topic marked as resolved.

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