Hello from casino.guru. Anyone thinking about starting affiliate website in casino niche?

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    Hi everyone,
    it's 3.5 months since we launched new version of our casino.guru project.
    Our background is that we are software developers for gambling industry. It was natural that we wanted to fully use our skills in SW development in the favor of the project. Therefore Casino.Guru site is powered by our own software. That is based on managing list of casinos, bonuses, game and payment providers, countries etc. and on managing relations among them. Most parts of the frontend are generated from this data which gives us 2 main advantages:
    - we have a lot of flexibility in changing things across the whole system
    - with a lot of localization features it is very easy for us to technically launch another domain in another country. We need just to translate some labels and then only translate the core text of the articles.

    We have some people for writing casino reviews and other content and also for managing the data in CMS. (I think that content is good at the moment. I plan to make it great in next 3 months :) ). We have skill to constantly improve the software and the content but offsite SEO part of the job has same importance.

    We have launched Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Slovak and English localization - we are doing active marketing for Russian and Turkish while Russian already has very nice progress for some keywords.

    The most difficult part on this growth is (of course) to find someone who will run marketing and SEO in certain country. He has to be smart, motivated and committed to the job. Investing tons of money into someone while he learns how to properly do his job is great risk as if he leaves we will lose a lot of know-how. This is a way how we do that at the moment but can we do it better?

    Would be anyone interested in starting Casino.guru in his country? I mean partnership based on business share.

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