30 euro sports book bet turns into 9562 euro win

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    Dear Affiliate

    Big things have small beginnings. On the evening of 26 of June, a spectacular win took place in 24hBet Sportsbook!

    The lucky player Bastan K decided to try his luck and bet in 24hBet Live Bet. He created a Multiplier Bet and placed his bet of €30, with the total odds of 318.75 / 1271/4 on the following games:

    • SC Internacional - Botafogo RJ (Over Under 4,5, Full Time Excluding OvertimeResults: 2-3. Bet Over (0:2). Odds 5.00.
    • CR Flamengo RJ - Fluminense Rio Janeiro (Matchbet and Totals, Full Time Excluding Overtime). Results 1-2. Bet Fluminense Rio De Janeiro/Over 2.5 (0:0). Odds: 17.00
    • Hungary - Belgium (Over Under 2.5, Second Half). Results 0-3. Bet Over (0:1). Odds: 3.75.
    He must have got totally floored by surprise, when he realized that he had just scored his enormous win of €9,562.50 - from his bet of just €30.

    The moral of this winner story? Your players could also score big winnings with small bets, simply by betting on their favorite sports events in 24hBet Sportsbook.


    Let me know if you have any questions.


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