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    Payment on Hold for 3,5 Months with no Updates / No NCO?

    The program states: "the traffic was deemed unsuitable", hence why did they not terminate the account? Instead, they kept the account open BUT set it to 0% RS... That makes no sense at all... Me thinks someone is telling porky pies. Edit: Wasn't sure which casinos this program represented...
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    Forex & Bitcoin Leads Partnership Program

    @sanisha - this thread is over 3 years old... Yet your 1'st post is to this old thread (spammers do that) ... A quick copy and paste of, and you'd have realised the site is finished, ended, kaput. The OP who posted this, hasn't been back since July 2018... Another thing...
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    Would you use this for your content needs?

    @buddy m - the OP was discovered to be a fraudster. The threads over at the GPWA ;)
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    Platin Casino Affiliates - No Payment - Not Answered - RESOLVED

    Pleas tell me this clip joint is NOT AGD certified???!!!
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    Scammed by QV AFF (Queen Vegas)

    Unfortunately, without a signed contract, granting you permission to run such a 'competition', you have run foul of indirectly incentivising CPA traffic, which, as we both know, is a HUGE no-no. If this program (or any other) refuses to sign a bespoke agreement, then, can you really trust them...
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    Kosmonaut Partners Intoduction

    Well that's just 100% Bullshit... 25% = 20% 30% = 24% 35% = 28% 40% = 32% 45% = 36% If you were truly, genuinely, one (1) of the highest paying programs, then you'd be paying 100% of your advertised (marketed) commission payment structure. However, as we can see above, that's not TRUE. 21...
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    SANDBOX - Turnkey Online Casino and Sportsbook

    Spend a few minutes on Google, and the truth about this place, comes to light... EG - According to a Google Cache: a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 23 Jul 2021 12:05:07 GMT. I guess people have to start somewhere. Though, posting B2B info to a forum, in hope, it creates business for a...
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    Nordis Casino - Unetchical behavior

    It's not the 'Wild West' anymore. AM's who spam and or condone it, give the industry a bad rap. If a program has no qualms with illegally obtaining email/personal data, then it will have no issue in committing other unethical acts. EG - shaving affiliates! Best not to touch programs like this...
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    West Affiliates Audit Report

    Unfortunately, and for reasons unknown, it happens. It has happened to me. Back in the day I ran 35+ sites, all dedicated to pokies/slots. I'd add programs, which for others, were kicking butt. Some worked and some couldn't convert, no matter what I did, and believe me I tried.
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    West Affiliates Audit Report

    Things is, any legit fees (lets face it these admin fees are a crock of crap), the charge to affiliates should ONLY be what they are paid in TRUE %. EG - If and affiliate gets 25%, then they pay 25% of the that fee. The program pays 75% of the fees, that's fair. However, places like Video...
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    mBitcasino Affiliates Audit Report

    Yet another affiliate clip-joint... @Guard Dog - thanks for the audit ;) So that's two (2) programs (back2back) who are rip-offs. West Affiliates and mBitcasino.
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    West Affiliates Audit Report

    Kick this affiliate clip-joint to the curb!
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    Daily Affiliate Spam

    I've had this email address for 15+ years. Aside from the occasional spam, it remained relatively un-spammed. However, since the Ledge Hack, my email address has been inundated by all the spamming scum bags in the world. Just so you know, this affiliate of yours, is one of those scum-bags.
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    Playamo requires to sign contract for payments

    Unfortunately that entitled, 'I don't give a f#ck attitude' is, fast becoming the norm, not the exception. It's not just in this industry, but everywhere, online and in everyday life.