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Date: February 23rd, 2010

IASBet, within the Commission King affiliate program, have changed the terms to stop affiliates from competing with them in PPC engines.


5.1 Linking to
The Affiliate agrees:

That it will not seek to set up , maintain , actively publicise and promoterank, without charge to purchase or customers register any keywords, search terms or other identifiers that include the availability of a connection to its website to allow users word ‘ ‘” or any variations of the Affiliate’s website to have a direct link word IASbet . This includes , but is not limited to the Website (, the ” Link”); following search engines : Google , Yahho7 , NineMSN ;

Summary:Now that PPC is coming back for gambling in some areas, most programs are adding this new exclusion.
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Date: November 5th, 2008

Commission King have changed terms on each one of their affiliate programs that they represent (although the Canbet terms is where this copy came from, all were updated simultaneously).

NEW TERM, Commissions, Line of Credit

In the case of customers referred to which have had a line of credit extended to them, shall only pay the Affiliate a share of the Revenue earned from such client in cases where the customer has settled the line of credit in full compliance with the customer?s settlement terms with In cases where the customer defaults on such credit facility, or does not fully comply with such settlement terms in any way, the Affiliate shall not be eligible to receive any payments whatsoever in consideration for the referral of that customer.

Summary:This term talks to the defaulting of players on lines of credit. We do not believe in extending lines of credit to gamblers, but that is the casino’s choice. It’s not a bad term, just a bit disappointing to see lines of credit extended to keep gamblers playing.

NOTE: Commission King states: Please note that credit has never, and will never be offered by Canbet casino. is a sportsbook only, and credit to big players is fairly common in the industry.

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