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Affstorm have changed their notification clause as well as the payment clause for affiliate payments.


The terms of this agreement may be modified by us at any time, and will announce changes 15 days before, and after consultation with one or more of the following; Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters ( http://www.apcw.org) and http://www.apcw.org), Gambling Affiliates Union (http://gamblingaffiliatesunion.org), and AffiliateGuardDog ( www.affiliateguarddog.com ) , hereby known and as APCWand , GAU and AGD.


6. Signup Bonuses / Credits Upon signing up with our program, you may or may not receive signup bonuses or credits to your affiliate account. These can amount to some form of cash equivalent. These signup bonuses or credits will only be paid out when you have reached the minimum payout amount designated by our Affiliate Program. You cannot redeem these credits for anything else other than what they are, and will not be dispersed until you have generated enough commissions that is equal or greater than the minimum payout amount . If you do not generate any commissions at all within a period of 1 year , our company reserves the right to revoke and cancel any signup bonuses credited to your affiliate account due to lack of performance – $ 150.00. Commission is paid on each month`s 2nd.

Summary: The minimum payment is now $150 for Affstorm and removal of the 1 year clause is a good change.
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